Hi There,

I’m Becki & a mummy to Monkey & Piglet & a wifey to my hubby Martin.

We live in surrey and i’m a SAHM, so what is this blog all about… Well
It’s my journey
Little old me, rambling on about anything & everything.
Mostly my motherhood journey but with a dash of beauty, and a lump of fashion (well that doesn’t sound glamorous)
If you are after internet ‘perfection’ then I’m afraid I’m not your woman!
I will attempt at the perfect flat lay & the extremely clean house but although those are the blogs & squares I LOVE & bloody damm right admire!
That’s just not me.. I’m more a leggings and sick in the hair kind of gal
The kind that flits and changes her mind at every turn
One day wanting to try a new hobby & the next letting the sofa swallow me whole.
So as I again attempt to start this blog in 2018 I hope you will all join me

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