I briefly looked at the website, mainly to check location, so I didn’t really know what to expect! Its about and hour and a half from Surrey (Egham/Staines) on the way to Brighton/Eastbourne.

You cannot really gauge how big the park is! You start off in a farm like area, the usual animals, lovely cows & sheep, even an mahoosive iguana.

Then there’s a Zoo route or in the park/play area, we went to the rides first and was sooooo much fun. Teacups, Hello Kitty cars, Leopards in the air, massive hippo you sit in, If you are after a Chessington/Thorpe vibe, this isn’t it!

But I have to say for a younger age range its brilliant, (well to be honest i’m an adult and thoroughly enjoyed it)

Both Monkey & Piglet went on almost everything, so I would say from 2 years, its perfect!

The zoo was also great, camels, monkeys, anteater, lemurs and learning areas, there is even a ride on the train around the park.

Get lost in the maze or even the indoor soft play, in the outside play area, there are climbing frames, slides, little trampoline, banana boat swings and much more.

All is included apart from an a few paid areas, like being a zoo keeper and animal experiences, its all listed on the website and the map you get.

We didn’t look at the website properly (again) and didn’t realise there’s a splash area… Remember towels and swimwear or at least a change of clothes… or failing that! Do what we did and let them go in their pants and nappy and end up buying towels… although to be fair those were not too expensive.


We spent 6 hours here and it was truly a fab day out! I really would recommend, its a brilliant day out for the kids… and parents.

Check out the website here

B x

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