“Any day spent with you is my favourite day. So, today is my new favourite day” AA.Milne….

Any ideas where we’ve been?!

OK well if you saw my Instagram, then you will know we went to Hatfield in Sussex to re create a childhood classic of ‘pooh sticks’ from the fabulous Winnie the Pooh.

I had seen a fellow surrey mama had been through Instagram and it straight away went on my ‘have to go’ list.


We stopped 10- 15 minutes before at Pooh Corner and had a lovely lunch in their tea room including a scone and tea for one 🙂 Spent a small fortune on some bears and books obvs.. I highly recommend their chocolate fudge cake yum!

Then we headed to the wooded car park to see the bridge and play a game or two of pooh sticks. It was a lovely walk through the forest, Monkey picking up sticks the whole way in preparation.

At the end of the path was the famous bridge from our childhood literature, the moment I saw it, I could see the illustration of Christopher Robin & Pooh in my memory.

We spent time playing pooh sticks, taking photos! Monkey and Piglet running around, watching their sticks float away and get stuck between all the other games that have been played their over the years, I could see the inspiration AA.Milne must of had to create such wonderful stories that are continued to be told to our children now.




As we walked back, Monkey climbed so high up in to a tree, it was beautiful watching him creating memories and thrilled with himself for being so big. Piglet of course, wanted to be just like her big brother, so we sat her up instead.

I love the shots I captured, of them outdoors, picking up sticks, looking and touching plants, especially Piglet in her dress and pumps playing with sticks and mud! Not exactly the attire for these activities but it 100% shows her personality and love for exploring.


Although it was only for a few hours, we had a lovely afternoon and since this day, we have watched the film and Monkey and Piglet mention ‘pooh’ so i’m convinced these will be the memories that will last 🙂


“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen” ….Winnie the Pooh  AA.Milne

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