“It’s ‘Tricky’ Mummy” !….

Wow… a year since I first posted this.. in light of maternal mental health week, I thought I would re share.. I am in a much better place, although some things still resonate with me. I still have anxiety, I just know how to deal with it (most of the time). I don’t feel this came through having my babies, I think I’ve always had it, in one way or another but I think watching them grow highlights more things. Even within a year, people close to me have opened up and with mental health being spoken about more than ever, they are realising its something they are living with too. As long as we keep talking, it will be a much better place for all our babies.

You may of seen my Instagram post yesterday about Monkey’s first gymnastics session! Well the short of it, was he broke my heart, he didn’t want to try, as he didn’t know how & felt it was ‘tricky’

Well this has prompted me to open up, I’m petrified and even more nervous to even be saying this out loud, for fear of judgements & being spoken about!

Its also something, I have been ‘thinking’ about writing for a while now, (many versions sitting in my drafts, depending what mood I was in)

But yesterday sparked this uneasy feeling in me! What if Monkey ‘has’ what I do?!?

OK so by ‘has’ I’m not sure that’s the right wording, but I have Anxiety! ahhhh this really isn’t easy for me! I think even sometimes, its even the verge of depression!

You see, I’m scared, if not, sometimes, petrified, to admit, things…

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