Alice Holt Forest….

Another gem I didn’t even know existed until a ‘what to do with kids in surrey’ search showed up this wonderland…

We visited twice in a week, both in completely different weathers.. good old Britain!

Take one – I took monkey by myself, while piglet was at nursery, it was that beautiful rainy day on the first day of half term yay haha

We arrived with no clue what we were going to do, what was there, so we went to the visitor centre and decided to try the Gruffalo Orienteering trail.

You get given a print out with 12 Gruffalo markers to find along the trail..

So off we set,  by this point its chucking it down, but its just lovely spending some time with monkey, hes running all over the place, telling me which way to go!

Now I already know i’m rubbish at directions, I use a sat nav everywhere I go… but literally after finding number 6 on the trail, we begin this loop over and over again! There’s other family’s that just go by and I don’t see again, the weather is going from spitting to torrential every few minutes, the map is now practically mush…

I had a fear of dread that we were lost, I mean we were not, as its a kids trail but I just couldn’t work out what I was doing.. really need monkey emoji covering the eyes at this point!

Monkey and I were giggling so much, both looking at which ways to try… until I asked passers by, as thought we may stay in the forest forever haha

They pointed us in the right direction and eventually found the main Gruffalo, the structures are amazing.

We went for lunch in the cafe and dried off…. We had such a funny day, hence when we told daddy of our adventure, he wanted to go asap.



Take two – That weekend, we were back! It took a while to get in, as being a weekend it was busier and it was a beautiful sunny day.

Daddy took great pleasure in getting us around the trial in 15 mins if that, so we went and followed the Zog trail. Monkey loved it, they have large structures that the children can climb, boards to check animals and plants using special glasses.

Monkey was in and out of puddles, and the streams that run through the trial, Piglet loved being ‘let out’ and roaming around.

Its a beautiful place, full of things to do, whether that’s walking or cycling, you can eat in the cafe which is a bit pricey but then it is free to get in, so they need to make money somehow. If a lovely day, take a picnic and relax.

For the bigger kids (and adults) they have a Go Ape too.

I’m so pleased, I came across this and it will defiantly become another place we will visit for adventures.

To check out click here


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