My favourite 6-9 month picks for Piglet..

IMG_3066I had dressed piglet in outfits but mainly the odd leggings here, that kind of thing. When they are tiny, they always seem so un-comfy in outfits.

Its from 6 months, that I found myself buying lots more to dress her in, rather than a baby grow.. although I have to say I do LOVE a baby grow.

This lovely number was a present, its from Next, although having ‘up to 3 months’ on the label, It was perfect for the recent summer day we had a few weeks ago.






You may notice a theme going on, as to where I shop, this gorgeous floral romper is from Next.







Because Girls can LOVE dinosaurs too right! I love this because, its a vest, but with the impression of a top, stunning ruffle capped sleeves, a great buy from Baby Gap







The cutest dungarees, these were actually Monkey’s and were a John Lewis product, teamed with a fabulous Rose and Guy topknot bow, check them out here, they even do mummy ones.






One of my favourite tops, its from M&Co, its not my sort of place, but for children, you can pick up some lovely pieces.








Yep, you’ve guessed it Next, its super soft and she always seems so comfy in this.






Another fav of mine, who doesn’t love a bit of denim, just be careful when washing, I accidentally turned the white bits on the separate top a little blue…. This is from Matalan, and its something that will last her through the summer.. If we have one! Teamed with yet another Rose and Guy topknot bow.



IMG_3620 (1)

You cant have some picks without some accessories, so here’s Piglet’s first proper pair of shoes… (she has others, that she was given, when she was tiny) These are from the fabulous Moc and Me, they are 6-12 months, take a look here






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