Over 6 months out..

Its been such a whirlwind, how our daughter and our family, of four status, is, over 6 months already! In fact shes more like 7 & a half months, eekkk. Its crazy, its like shes always been here!

I wanted to note down her moments, so these are snapshots from each month so far, all documented on my notes in my phone, hehe!

Month One

The first few nights of being home, was a massive shock to the system, going from one child to two, was definitely different! She was great during the day, but, the minute it was night time, she definitely tested us! Martin named her ‘demon’ for those first few nights! No one can explain what its like having one child, but, even more so, when you add to your family! Monkey has been amazing, he dotes on her, and there’s been absolutely no jealously, yet. Battling through feeds, broken sleep, visits from friends and family, and normal day to day life, we did wonder what we had done! We had gone from a son who eats by himself, goes to the toilet, can dress, can talk… alllllll the way back to the beginning!

When pregnant, you really think that not much will change  and that you know what you’re doing.. you really don’t, ha ha

Anyway back to Piglet…

She is one hungry monster, hence, getting her nickname piglet, and she snorts here and there! which is what I do when I laugh (don’t judge)

It was tough for the feeding part, for a few days while the milk came in, it was a much better process to monkey, Piglet seemed to know what she was doing straight away!

Her weight is increasing at every weigh in, which is great, makes such a difference to know what you are doing is working!

Considering she is a very sicky baby, nothing like her brother, every burp brings up something! Muzzies (muslin’s) for monkey were just for show, oh no! Not for piglet, we go through SO many each day!

At a week old was her first bath, she was not keen at all! Although I don’t blame her, the luke warm baths wouldn’t be nice for anyone!

Month Two

Its gone super fast already!

Week 5, we’ve started a massage course, not too sure she likes it, but something to work on, eekk

From 5 1/2 weeks piglet has started to smile, well, at least that’s what we think, could be wind, haha

6-7 weeks, Sleep has been found, shes starting to get into her own routine, at the moment its 12am-8am #feellikewearewinning

Shes now a bigger piglet at 10.7lbs, shes so perfect, and a real chunk! So different to monkey, he was and still is, so lean, and has chicken legs, whereas piglet has yummy thighs and rolls in places, I didn’t know you could! Both of them have been so different, but my heart is full, with my babes.

End of this month, was the dreaded jabs, booo! You would of thought there would be a nicer way! Always feel so mean! She actually did OK, we had an afternoon of boobing and cuddles… #standard

Month Three

Week 9, shes starting to notice these strange objects connected to her hands, shes fascinated, but, i’m so sure she knows they are hers!

Week 10, we took them both swimming! I was dreading it as monkey wasn’t a massive fan when we took him as a baby. She LOVED it, kicking away, didn’t even seemed fazed by getting splashed by her big bro. As it was a new pool, monkey and I went on the slides, took forever! I was expecting Martin, to take her out, as I was sure she would be upset, cold and hungry! No, to my amazement she was fine, in fact she wasn’t too happy when we did all get out to go, he he

End of the three months, shes giving us so much more interaction, smiles, fascinated with our faces and what we are doing! Monkey is her absolute favourite, turns whenever she hears him.

Month Four

Her personality is becoming even more evident! She didn’t get the baby memo, the fact that mummy wants her to stay little for as long as possible, as it goes too fast. She’s starting to laugh, wants to stand, shes not keen when  you lie her down on her play mat, continuously wanting to sit up.

The smiles she gives her brother is utterly amazing, they have so many cuddles, he is forever making sure she is OK.

Month Five

At the latter end of month four, we started piglet on odd bits of porridge (yes i know what all the ‘professionals’ say), but we did it with monkey and he’s OK. We have been giving it intermittently, very hit and miss but she seems to love it.

Now we are into month five, shes getting more into trying food, we’ve tried puree, but once six months starts we will try even more!

Shes becoming even more aware of whats around her, and even what is going on with her, shes found her toes and loves to jump, so, out came the Jumperoo and she loves it.

Shes such a mover, I think the minute she gets going, ‘that’s it’ she will be off!! aaahhhhh

We are getting stuck into Christmas, we can’t wait for Piglet and Monkey, their first together, we are staying with my parents in the countryside. I know she doesn’t have a clue whats going on, but we are excited to see Santa and enjoy all the festivities with friends and family.

Month Six

We started Monkey music at week 23 and she LOVES this, seeing her change in these weeks it has been amazing, she now shakes the rattle, pays attention to the lady, it really captures her for those 25 minutes, bubbles, drums, bells (I think its because its a monkey as the main act, as that’s her big bro of course)

Over these weeks we’ve been giving her more and more food, we decided to do a mix of everything. She has porridge of a morning, sometimes a puree at lunch & dinner, but its becoming more and more where I have given her picky foods to try herself. I love BLW (baby led weaning) as does she. She loves a satsuma, banana, bread, cheese, yogurt, she likes a bit of spaghetti bolognese, shes pulled the funniest of faces trying certain things, especially melon & kiwi.

In terms of movement, she still hasn’t rolled… so lazy! I do think she will miss certain things and just get up and walk one day, haha. She slides on her back, around her play mat, and arches her back, looking like shes going to, but nope! Some say the second is faster with things, I think she will be the one to just sit there, and be waited upon, haha.

I cant believe shes over Six months, we are nearing, at the fastest of paces, her first birthday, and i’m trying to saviour and capture every single second! It feels like shes been here five minutes, but equally like shes been with us forever!

Here’s to the next Six months of memories and milestones



One thought on “Over 6 months out..

  1. ahh it goes so fast. Alice is 20 months now and I feel like I blinked and she’s so big already. enjoy every second mama. xx


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