Packing for a toddler.. Oh and a pregnant mumma!!

Reminiscing a lot recently of my bump, came across this post I did for my course, as the summer months will soon be upon us, here was my contents for our holiday as a 3! Ill do another for when we go away now as a 4, this was pretty much in jest looking back hehe

So there’s a few days to go & i’m packing for my hubby, 3 yr old son & myself (hands over face)

So what do you need I hear you say!

Possibly 10 cases! ah ok that’s unreasonable, I’m trying to fit into 2!

For my son, bearing in mind we are only going for a week.

  • 15 pairs of shorts, 15 T-shirts, 20 pants, 10 socks, 3 swim-shorts, pool towel, 2 sunhats, shades & a float jacket (that’s so we can just put him in the pool while we sunbathe) #badparenting
  • A few shirts for those nights you want them to look like a dapper baby, some joggers & a hoody (well you never know) It wouldn’t be strange to go abroad and it be colder than home (annoyed emoji )
  • Muslin’s, hes still quite partial to a muzz muzz! You know for all needs, wiping of nose, or any kind of mess, for when he gets upset, oh and for bedtime.
  • As many packs of baby wipes I can physically get in, thankfully he’s potty trained so no nappies yay
  • An Ipad oh come on!

A 4 hour flight there and back, like some books will suffice!

For me

  • Pretty much the whole contents of my ‘summer’ wardrobe, As well as accessories and shoes I wont wear eekk

Well lets face it, ill be 30 weeks pregnant, Yes! I can fly, that’s all I have heard recently, cost me a lovely £25 for the pleasure of getting a fit to fly note!

For Hubby

Hmmmm not much if we are only taking 2 cases… ooppppssss

Wish me luck

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