Birth Story – Numero 2 – My Piglet

Its funny when you are pregnant again especially with your first being early (2 weeks early), everyone even midwives straight away say, oh you are likely to be early again!!

So from the get go I had in my head that I wouldn’t even get to 38 weeks.

At 37 weeks I remember feeling yay this is the ‘safe zone’ of giving birth, I had twinges & moments of feeling shes coming! We knew we were having a girl, we hadn’t found out with Monkey, but I wanted to know how it felt both times, hence finding out. Only close friends & family knew what we were having.

People kept saying your so low.. any day now, to be honest, My bump had been really low the whole time, she had been engaged for a number of weeks also. You really cant go by what the net says as every baby is different.

Don’t get me wrong I looked up everything, every twinge, I straight away would see what ‘that’ meant. (I didn’t have this with Monkey as he was certainly a surprise to when he came)

Then 38+3 came… this has to be the day! Monkey came this day, its a sign. I even wore the dress I was wearing the day I had him.. (check out my Instagram, I’m pretty huge lol)

It was nearing my due date, and still nothing, I had my midwife appointment and she wanted to book me in for a sweep at 39 weeks, unfortunately the doctor had no appointments! So I was booked in a little after my due date at 40+3

Each day came and went, messages from everyone asking for an update, any signs… Nooooo shes still not making an entrance

Now I have been one of those people that have checked up on people having babies, asking them ‘any signs’ and I have to say now knowing what that’s like, I wont again. Its so irritating and makes you long for your baby even more.

Due date came and went… What! Seriously! Monkey didn’t do this to me! I bounced like I had never bounced before, I walked stairs, I had a hot curry! I tried everything….. Nope nothing

FYI its all lies, lets face it, baby comes when baby wants to come

40+3- So the day came for my sweep, I was so nervous, I hadn’t heard good things, about labour being started this way, that it can take longer, that its more painful, So I was already anxious.

Martin had taken the day off as Monkey is home on a Wednesday and didn’t really want monkey seeing his mummy going through it, so they waited in the doctors office while I went into the side room with the midwife and a trainee midwife.

Its not pleasant, bit like having a smear although slightly more intrusive… then the trainee gives me this look… she said i’m so sorry but I cant reach, so the main midwife tried! She too couldn’t reach, she said my cervix was too far back. That she would book me in for the following week at the hospital for an induction! Nooooo this isn’t fair I thought, but needs must and if she isn’t wanting to come yet, what can you do!

We left the doctors and went for a lovely brunch at one of our fav places Fego in Sunningdale (highly recommend)

I called my mummy, who answered a little freaked, thinking it was THE call, I assured her all was OK and gave an update.

Off we went to the local Soft-Play, to give monkey some time to run around, I mean we had nothing else going on…

After being at the Soft-Play for a bit, I started to feel odd, I was clock watching waiting for our allocated time to come to an end, I had that urge to be at home. It felt like forever but soon we were on our way back.

We got in, I said to the hubby, I really need a soak, I just didn’t feel very well (whenever I feel poorly, a lovely hot soak always makes me feel better) so that’s what I did!

I must have been gone about 45 mins to an hour, I had nodded off here and there, I felt a bit better but still not myself! My sister in law called & we chatted, wondering when my cheeky girl would make an entrance! I explained that I was booked in for an induction the following week! Every date we had guessed had gone, not long into our chat we said our goodbyes.

I still felt odd, just couldn’t shake this feeling, I went up to use the loo, I screamed to Martin! There was pure blood.. I just freaked. The midwives always say the blood that is a show is more like a brown colour not pure bright red… Every single thought and worry went through my head, without me even realising, tears were steaming down my face! while Martin is on the phone to the midwife explaining whats happened.. then asked us to come just to make sure.

Monkey just stood watching us, not quite understanding why mummy & daddy were concerned! Martin just kept saying its all okay and gave me the biggest cuddle. Martin was then on the phone to my sister and friends, no one would answer.. I had been inundated with calls every day asking if baby was coming, then the time we need to drop Monkey to someone no one would answer! typical haha

At last, My sister’s boyfriend answered & said to come and bring Monkey! So we packed up the car and got to my sister’s! I remember walking up to her and her saying ‘are you okay?’ That was it, I just burst into tears.. she said whats up, its okay, baby is coming that was all! but I didn’t feel like that! I felt scared and worried, that all the fears you have, were coming true!

We arrived at triage about 8pm ish , I was put onto monitors, I gave a urine sample and then had to wait for the on call doctor!

It felt like an eternity, bubba was beating away, we just watched the monitor, trying to figure out, if all these lines and dots meant all was OK. After 10 minutes or so, every few minutes, I started to get a twinge, nothing major, but it was getting pretty frequent!

The midwife came in and said urine was fine, and the doctor was on an emergency so that a colleague and herself would examine me! So that’s what she did as well as taking a swab! Now I love the NHS and all midwifes but OMG this particular lady was so rough and literally killed me when checking, all I kept thinking, was, get the hell off me!

After my examination, she just said, you are about 2cm but your cervix is still so high, I can feel your waters bulging but listen go home, get on the ball and get things moving! Call us if things change!

9.15pm we get to the lifts to head home.. again, I’m feeling more intense twinges but nothing major, didn’t even think to go back and tell them.

Then contractions just started on the drive back to my sister, Martin pulls over to call them, they say, call us back when they are lasting a minute.

We arrived at my sisters to re collect Monkey, the minute I get there, boom … more contractions! I’m standing in her kitchen holding onto her island, her boyfriend standing in front wondering what the hell was going on, Martins back on the phone, then they say wait until shes x amount, 2 mins later he calls back! My sister is rubbing my back, swinging my hips, in between calls, Martin is also rubbing my back! Monkey and my nieces are running around, oblivious to my pain!

Martin calls the midwife one last time, they must of heard me as they tell him to get my down there straight away!

I gradually get to the car, with my sister following! I have no seat belt on eekk & every bump is unbelievably uncomfortable, thankfully my sister’s house isn’t too far from the hospital!

Martin pulls up as close to the entrance as possible, the feeling is becoming so unbearable, I tentatively get out the car, all of a sudden, I have ‘THE’ feeling.. the feeling of needing to push!

I walk across the car park, holding onto Martin, a midwife is there at the door waiting for me! I grab onto the wall which is by the door, as yet another contraction is happening.

I vaguely heard her say that on the next break to come in and go to room 1, the second the contraction finished, I waddled in. I remember her saying ‘we’ve started to fill the pool, but it takes 20 minutes and there is no way you will last’

I get into the birthing centre at 10.20pm

The second I got in, I held onto a chair, while I kicked off my shoes, then I had literally just pulled my bottoms off and

wwwwoooosssshhhhh my waters broke & the urge to push was even more intense, the feeling that she was just going to fly out!

The midwife wanted me to come over to the bean bag that was situated in the corner, I kept saying I can’t, my brain just wouldn’t speak to my legs, I could feel her head coming!

Martin & the midwife helped me over to the bag, they helped me to my knees as I just couldn’t find the energy to do what they asked!

She took a look and said OK her head is coming! she said once baby is here I will deliver her through to you! ( I was still wearing Martins hoodie from grabbing earlier in the panic) I managed to find some energy to just rip off the rest of my clothes, its funny really, worrying about getting his hoodie messed up haha

I just starting panting, no one told me to, but the way this was going I felt I would get torn, I calmed my breathing down and just went with it, I mean I had absolutely no control anyway, she was coming!

The midwife said her head was out and next was shoulders, I mustered up everything I had, Martin egging me on… think I swore at him, in fact I don’t think, I know. ooppss I didn’t mean to, it just came out! I did say sorry haha

I just kept thinking.. what I havent even had time for some gas and air, I cant do this without something.

Panting away, she was born, she was passed up to me through my legs, I was helped to turn around and sit on the bag.

I then got to properly look at our gorgeous girl, I still couldn’t believe it, it all happened so fast. Martin just looked at me, told me how proud he was of what I had just done. He thanked me for giving him a daughter.

She was born at 10.29pm, Yes that’s right, 9 mins from entering the room!

Then, in walks my sister, she was in shock that she had missed it all! She had gone to the labour ward in the main hospital, I was in the Birthing Suite hehe.

While all of this had been going on, my mum had been in touch, they were getting their bits together and locking the house to make the journey from Somerset! My sister calls and says baby is here! So they decided to make the journey in the morning, but was in utter shock that again I had done it so quickly.

I still couldn’t believe she was here, I stared at her, then gave her very first feed, while I was doing the placenta part and being tidied up! I had to have just a few stitches, but boy was it different to monkey. I felt absolutely everything with this birth.

Our daughter Piglet weighed a healthy 6lb 13oz a whole pound more than her brother.

I had a shower and tidied myself up, while Martin and my sister sorted out piglet.

About 1am my sister left us, we were so lucky being in the birthing centre, we stayed in the room I had birthed in, a pull out double bed, which meant Martin could stay. All the things I wish I had when having Monkey.

Martin went to sleep, I did try but just kept checking on her, sleeping in the crib by my bed, so tiny and perfect.

In the morning, Martin went to go get Monkey from my sisters, he had no idea that mummy had delivered his baby sister.

I was sooooo excited to see my little man, my baby.

A lady came in to do the hearing test they do, we were chatting and I’ll never forget she said. Yesterday your son was your baby, all small & your first born, wait until he walks into this room! Suddenly he won’t be so little, all of a sudden, he will be your big boy, he will look and seem so much bigger. And you know what! That’s exactly it.

The door opens and in he walks, he looked slightly nervous, but came up onto the bed to meet his new sister. His smile went from ear to ear, I was instantly so proud of him!

My gorgeous little boy from the day before, was now my big boy, he seemed so big and grown up!

He immediately wanted to hold her, she had brought him a Captain America as a thank you for being my big bro.

After all the checks, we left at 10am, so nearly 12hrs later from arriving, we were allowed to go home, again so much better than with Monkey.

Monkey kept checking on her while she was in her car seat in the back, we arrived home and baby sister had also got him a new bike, Superhero cape and cards.

We shut the door to start our journey as a family of four 🙂









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