10 Things to do with a sibling to be :)

Having a new sibling coming along is such a huge step & change for your child / children, here are some fun ways of getting your child involved in, before the big day, when their life changes forever… eekkkk


All things I have done with our son, before his life is turned upside down… sorry son

1. Read big brother/ big sister books, there are so many fab books out there, which can explain what is happening & what this means for them



2. Let them help build items needed for the new baby


3. Start a baby book with them, so they feel involved creating something for their sibling to be, add pictures, letters for the new baby to have when bigger.

4. When shopping, get them to help you pick clothes & teddies etc

5. Draw a family to be picture, maybe with baby in mummy’s tummy


6. Try & get them to go to at least 1 scan, maybe 4D if you are having one, as they can see their new brother or sister, it helps them to understand your growing bump

7. Ask them to help you get the baby bag ready & theirs so they understand they may have to go somewhere, while mummy is in hospital


8. Get them invloved by talking to the bump, explaining how important it is to be a big brother or big sister


9. Get creative!

Get some paint (non toxic) and print your child’s hand prints on the bump, its fun but also a lovely memento to keep 🙂


10. Last but by no means least!

Have a baby-moon…. including all of you, having some quality time with your child, before the new addition makes an appearance

IMG_6866    IMG_6849


(All photos are my own, please ask permission before using or re posting- Thank you)

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